Film in rolls for food

Metallized film.
Our metallized film combines a thin inner layer of metaliserad petfolie for excellent oxygen, light and moisture protection, together with an outer layer of oriented films for packaging protection. And an internal protection from PE to the product.

Our standard film is 12 mic PET / 12 mic metaliserad pet and from 60-140 mic PE.

High wear resistance characterize this material to ensure optimum mechanical protection for your product.

This material meets all quality requirements for food applications. Combine this packing material with printing in rotogravure or flexographic and we can visualize your message and brand with the highest quality.

Film with aluminum foil.
For extra demanding applications This film is suited for products that require extra effort from the material. A superior seal between the laminae and stress-crack resistance allows you to use this film for the most demanding barrier applications.

Over and under film for food with nylon and EVOH.
This film is specially adapted for foods where oxygen degrades the quality.

The nylon with PE provides a strong packing with high barrier is needed, we can also add an EVOH laminate that provides the highest barrier properties.

EVOH provides resistance to oxygen, plus the taste, odor and gas barrier properties.

We can also produce vacuum bags out of this material.

The ethylene-vinyl alcohol (EVOH) is one of the most known flexible thermoplastic oxygen barrier materials used today. It is particularly important for refrigeration and shelf-stable foods where oxygen deteriorate the quality of packaged products and shorten their life expectancy.

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