QPack can offer four different types of printed flexible packaging: standup pouch / gussetbag with the central seal or side seal  / flat bottom pouch, quad seal pouch. These are suitable for all kinds of products and is food approved. Our packaging cover small or big needs, foods with long shelf / higher barrier properties or for faster consumption with lower barrier properties.

The bags are available in 28 gr – 5 kg and depending on the size. These flexible pouches are well suited to print on. You get a large display area and can by printing get a bag that stands out from the crowd. Our various bags provide maximum advertising for the product and increase your sales in a simple way.

You can even get pouch in the size of your choice, with a cut waist or in your own form. It is possible to put on a spout so the package can be used for fluid in all sizes, It is called  spout pouch.

The materials / films that we use in production is included paper, Polyethylene, LDPE, LLDPE, Polyester, MPET, BOPP, MBOPP, CPP, Nylon and others.

In certin cases you can not use a transperant pouch, when it needs a oxygen/moistare light barrier. QPack has Pouch with metalized pet foil barrier, for example, coffee or other products that require it.

Different products have different densities, this will QPack’s broad product range in handy, is it that none of our standard sizes i suitable for your product, we can customize the bag to the size of the product, minimum is from 10,000 pouch.

From 28 g and larger size is measured in coffee beans. For example: if we want to fill 250 g powder may need a 500 gr pouch so be sure and order samples from us and test the product in the standup pouch before you order so you get the right size.

If there is a product that requires a long life, it is important to use a pouch with foil barrier, number two will not metallized or with windows. This standup pouch has a medium barrier and we advise customers who want to show their product to choose this variant. As number two are without. Kraft Paper bags with aluminum foil, you get the highest barrier properties against moisture and oxygen. These pouch suitable for use where long life of the product is needed.

For some customers, packing products such as coffee, tea, spices, herbs, etc., requires a poch with high barrier properties to retain aromas. It fits QPack’s standup poch with foil excellent. This product has a long life and flavors are retained thanks to the high barrier properties. Once the package is opened there all the aromas left as when it was packed and select the pouch has a ZIPP it can be resealed and aromas remain which it had not done in a bag without ZIPP.

Show your products in a standup pouch. You can get euro hole so that your product can be hung on a spear if there are shelves.