Benefits with standup pouch

Standup pouch is the fastest growing packaging segment worldwide.
Not surprising, since it is the most optimized way to pack in!

Standup pouch effectively replaces: boxes, cans, glass and plastic bottles and other rigid packaging for many industries on a daily basis.

The benefits of standup pouch against plastic packaging are several:
1 pallet of 6300 1 kg standup pouch corresponds to 39 European pallets of equivalent size of cans of 3 liters, see picture.



• 95% lower shipping costs.

• Of course, the storage cost is also much lower, one pallet to 39 European pallets.
If the storage cost is 7 € pallet a month = 266 € / month in storage cost.

• Fewer shipments and warehouse staff

• Where it goes 4 pcs in a package, you can pack 6 pcs standup pouch = 33% more in each package = lower cost / unit.

• 67% less CO2 emissions compared to the same plastic jar in manufacturing.

Material consumption is also one aspect: it means less energy in production.

Total makes all these points that you receive a package that “saving the environment” and generate less carbon emissions and is recyclable.

When it comes to the package itself, are the benefits not only that it takes a little place before the product is filled, there will be less waste compared to a plastic jar when it is easy to squeeze out the last out of the box. But even when the pack is empty so it takes up less space in recycling.

Exposure in the shop getting morewith a standup puch when you get a larger surface to print and can do a better and neater print than can be obtained in a similar jar.

A standup pouch is cheaper does not make things worse, that’s why standup pouch is the fastest growing packaging segment worldwide.