About us

QPack can offer all type of printed non printed flexible material, printed vaccum pouch, reclosable zipper bags, suitable for all kinds of food and company. Our food packaging cover small or big needs, food with immediate or long lasting. The combinations and possibilities are almost endless and all packages can be customized according to your needs. Welcome to contact us if you want to order or have questions about our flexible packaging.

1) Flexible packaging for food
We offer the best options for packaging products and are always based on product characteristics, requirements image and safety. With a large network of specialists, we offer the most innovative products. All to find the solution that best suits your needs.

We have access to a wide range of art materials which gives immense possibilities of combination and a guarantee of quality printing on any surface. In this way we can guarantee a high value for our customers.

Examples of products: sauces and condiments, nuts, candies and chocolates, olives, cakes, cereals, sugar, chips and snacks, pasta, rice, soups, coffee and tea, bakery and confectionery, beverages, seafood, meat, cheese and sausage, fruit and vegetables, frozen 

2) Flexible packaging for frozen
Packaging for frozen foods require special properties. Particularly of the welds, temperature, workability and resistance to shock loading.

3) Flexible packaging for bakery and confectionery
Our laminates and coextruded films are designed to package, protect and improve bakery products.

4) Flexible packaging for beverages
Promotional labels and packaging of beverages for each bottle or container. Contact us to find innovative products and solutions that best fit your needs.

5) Flexible packaging for fresh produce
We have products for, among others;

  • Yogurt / milk; innovative applications for refrigerated shelves
  • Caterers and restaurant industry; Products that can conserve heat, resist heat and cope with microwave
  • Cheese; Fresh products have greater need to preserve their properties, while they must be attractive packaging
  • Fish and seafood; Seafood require special packaging. Ready to sustain aroma, flavor and color.
  • Meat; Containers for canned meat intended to facilitate handling, hygiene and provides maximum transparency.
  • Fruit and vegetables; Fruits and vegetables require more and more specific conditions for preserving the taste, smell and appearance. Especially when it comes to so-called. “Cut-producs”, ie products that are completely or partially processed.
  • Sausage; Various types of sausages, require different materials. Dried, fresh, cooked or smoked. It should be aired? Preserved? Corn? We have products for all needs.

6) Flexible packaging Non-Food Products

  • Infants; Baby Products is very diverse. Is it for pharmacy, food, hygiene or other packages? We can cater to all needs.
  • Pharmacy & cosmetics; We offer innovative packaging in the best quality.
  • Animal; We have every opportunity to develop packaging for pet food or livestock.
  • Medical diagnostics & Pharmacy; Packaging designed to provide the highest standards of hygiene.
  • Paper; Protection for magazines, wrapping paper and packaging.